How to wear pants this season!

With this fall/winter season coming closer and faster then ever. Let’s prepare our looks with Vogues guide on ‘How to wear pants this season’









1. The boyfriend jean
Wear with a tucked in Tshirt or button up shirt, have the sleeves rolled up. A structured jacket and either feminine heels or chunky flats. If the jeans are ripped, don’t wear them with anything else that’s distressed or risk looking to unkept.

2. The straight leg
Wear with a waist cinching jacket with structured shoulder and heels to give lift. This look is pulled off much better with a straight, broad and boyish figure – just like my own body. Balancing the proportions is key. So stay away from body hugging tops.

3. The tailored trouser – my favourite!
Wear with tops that fit the body and cover with a blazer, coat or box jacket. Avoid anything to girly like ruffles. This look should project strength!

4. The flared pant
Wear with slouchy knits and monochrome. Avoid sequins, this is not the 70s

5. The cropped peg leg
Wear with a blouse and basic belt. Avoid over accessorising this look.

6. The front pleat
Wear with fitted shirts and the top button done up. With a solid flat shoe. Avoid overpowering prints, the pleat should be the main focus.

7. The ultra wide leg
Wear with Tshirts or blazers, avoid anything to voluminous. This look is all about being tailored, keep it clean.

8. The skinny jean.
Wear with an oversize sweater or leather jacket, sneakers or boots and change to high heeled sandles for night. Avoid cropped tops

Happy pants season!